Vintage European Style Precision Embroidery Set

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The retro stork scissors set is an good ideal for some people who like embroidering or DIY, is also a great addition to a personal collection. Having pointed edge and sharp blades, can save time to finish your work. Perfect for cutting thread and paper items.  Ideal gift for friends who like DIY.


- Color: As shown.
- Material: Stainless Steel.
- Size of eight words: About 10.5x4.7x0.5cm.
- Cylinder size: About 9x1.5x0.8cm.
- Taper size: About 12x1x0.5cm.
- Needle size: About 7x0.5x0.2cm.
- Thimble size: About 2x1.5cm.
- Stainless steel blades, durable and high-efficiency.
- Comfortable handles and elegant stork design.
- Small size for carry-on everywhere.
- Excellent for intricate cutting, embroidery, fine needlework and other sewing applications.
- Having pointed edge and sharp blades,can save time to finish your work.
- Suitable for embroidery,needlework,crewel,sewing,crafting and other.